Panasonic TZ200/TZ202/TZ-220

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    • Ikelite 6170.12
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    • 07.09.2017
  • Ikelite Underwater Housing for Panasonic Lumix  TZ-200/TZ-202/TZ-220

    Product Number 6170.12

    Dive into underwater photography with this compact yet sophisticated system. Our brand new ABS-PC blend provides strength and corrosion free performance year after year with minimal maintenance. The specially formulated color deflects the sun to keep your camera running cooler, longer. Compared to black or clear housings, the light gray color provides superior contrast for enhanced view of the camera, LCD screen, and o-ring seal. Simply close the two stainless steel locking lid snaps, and see the o-ring form a solid black, watertight seal. Large, ergonomic controls provide access to all important camera functions.

    For best results a color correcting filter or external lighting is recommended. External lighting is more powerful and can be placed in a position to virtually eliminate the backscatter - or "snow" - from your underwater images.

    The housing port is designed to accept color filter, wide angle, and macro options for 3.9-inch diameter ports. Light is absorbed very quickly as it passes through water. A subject will look darker, less colorful and somewhat grainy when viewed through even a few feet of water. The addition of a compatible wide angle accessory expands the camera's field of view underwater, providing the opportunity to get as close as possible to the subject and reduce the amount of water light passes through. The results speak for themselves - photos with the best color, exposure and clarity possible.

    Ikelite products are designed, built and tested in the USA. We use locally sourced, top-grade materials. Our housings are built by hand and individually tested for fit, function and waterproof integrity. We back our products with over 50 years of experience and service within the dive industry.

    The zoom range of this camera is limited while inside of the housing in order to provide the best underwater imaging possible. The camera cannot be zoomed beyond 135mm equivalent inside of the housing.

    what's included

    • Housing
    • Port cover
    • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
    • 1 year manufacturer warranty
    • 200 ft (60m) depth rating
    • Controls for all camera functions
    • Near neutral buoyancy in fresh water
    • 12-24 thread tray mounting with 3 in (76mm) spacing
    • Weight 2.9 lb (1.2 kg)
    • Dimensions 7 x 6 x 4.7 in (177 x 152 x 119 mm)
    spare parts
    0109Main o-ring
    0132.30Port o-ring
    0200.08Port cover
    0184.2Silicone lubricant resealable 2cc tube

    Optional Accessories

    Spare O-Ring Seal # 0109

    WD-4 Wide Angle Dome # 6430.4

    Macro Adapter for 3.9" Diameter Ports # 9306.82

    UR/PRO Color Filter for Tropical Blue Water # 6441.46

    UR/PRO Color Filter for Green Water # 6441.86

    Yellow Fluorescence Filter # 6441.16

    Action Tray with Left-Hand Handle # 2605.04

    Action Tray Extension with Right Handle # 2605.05

    Shutter Trigger Extension # 4077.93

    Vacuum Kit for 1/2" Accessory Port # 47012

    Fiber Optic Cord # 4501

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