ULCS - buoyancy arms

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  • Large Buoyancy double ball arm segments were designed for the heavy Digital SLR housings and video housing.
    They are 2" in diameter and constructed the same as the regular buoyancy arms.
    They range in size from 8" to 16" in 2" increments to be able to add just the amount of buoyancy you need
    to offset the weight of the housing and strobes or lights.

    Arm Length Amount of buoyancy per arm length
    8" (DB-BL08) 4.5 oz
    10" (DB-BL10) 8 oz
    12" (DB-BL12) 11 oz
    14" (DB-BL14 14.8 oz
    16" (DB-BL16) 1 pound 2 oz.

    To connect 2 of this buoancy arms you need special clamp AC-CSB

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