Knecks KDT4 Filter Set with Mount

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    • Knekt KDF4 Filter Set
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    • 18.09.2017
  • KDF4 Kit

    The KNEKT KDF4 diving kit is built around our custom designed billet machined filter holder. This is the first and only dive filter system on the market that allows users to take advantage of professional underwater color correction with a dome port. It also works with our trigger handles, trigger pole or any other handle on the market. Each kit includes a combination of filters that will significantly increase the image quality of the GoPro camera underwater. Our dive filter kit provides the color correction needed for everything from shallow tropical snorkeling to deep water scuba diving.

    Filters included with holder:

    • Magenta Filter - Perfect for algae rich fresh water and salt water with more of a green than blue tone.
    • Pink Filter - The ultimate every day use filter. Perfect for shallow water snorkeling and swimming pools.
    • Red Filter - Use this filter when you are heading down deep into the dark blue sea.

    *NOT COMPATIBLE WITH KSD6ss for Hero 5!

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