4081.72 - 1-inch Sliding Ball Mount Mark II

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  • 1-inch Sliding Ball Mount Mark II

    Product Number 4081.72

    Mounts to Ball Arm Mark II Extensions for the addition of a lightweight accessory in the middle of your arm system. A three-pronged wing nut provides adjustability to slide your accessory up and down the length of the arm to reposition lighting easily during your dive. Requires a Ball Arm Mark II Extension, sold separately.

    About our ball arm system Mark II

    The ever-growing selection of lighting accessories on the market demands a mounting system that's highly expandable, flexible, and streamlined. In answer to this need, the second generation of our 1-inch ball arm system provides improved ergonomics and versatility in a lighter, sleeker package. Possible combinations are virtually endless, with opportunities to mount an additional lightweight accessory almost anywhere along the length of an arm.

    The 1-inch Ball Arm System Mark II features 1-inch ball components with a groove and o-ring to prevent slippage for improved holding power with less force. While underwater, clamps may be finger-tightened to keep lighting in place yet allow repositioning without loosening the clamp.

    All parts are hard coat type III anodized for a long lasting, scratch resistant finish.


    Works with 1-inch ball arms from Ikelite, TLC, Ultralight, Nauticam, and others.

    Old and new Ikelite 1-inch balls and clamps are interchangeable. For the best performance, we recommend combining like components within a single clamp (two balls with grooves, or two balls without grooves). Ball components with an o-ring groove should have an o-ring installed at all times.

    What's included
    • Ball mount with o-ring
    • Stainless steel screw
    • Three-pronged wing nut
    • 1 in (25.4 mm) diameter ball
    • Type III hard coat anodized aluminum
    Spare parts

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