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    • Weefine WFH-05/06
    • 19.07.2022

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  • New Version with an improved app now available for both IOS and Android! - New housing with larger window ! = 69 x 62mm

    Weefine Smart Housing 06 is a sturdy aluminium case for IOS and Android smartphones of all sorts and sizes. As long as your phone is not larger than 158.4mm (L) x 83mm (W) x 9mm (Depth) it will fit. (note some smaller models might need extra packing)

    The latest version of the Smart Housing 05 ships with QR code sticker for the Dive+ app verification. Download the free Dive+ app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start Bluetooth connection. Simply link the housing with the app by using the QR inside the housing and you are ready to go. IOS users also have the option to use the older "Smart Housing" app available from the App Store. The Dive+ app also combines features like electronic dive log and colour correction.

    Weefine Smart Housing comes with built-in vacuum leak check circuitry and valve. Use the included pump to secure your housings against leaks before your dive.

    The Smart Housing can be used with most underwater wide-angle lenses with additional M52 lens holder. Use fisheye lenses like The Weefine WFL-04 or other generic UWL-04 type lenses. M67 wide-angle lenses can be used with a standard 52-67 step-up ring.

    Internal size 165 x 85 x 9.5 mm

    - Aluminium construction 
    - Built-in vacuum check system
    - Adjustable phone clamp suitable for most phone sizes.
    - Depth rated to 80m
    - Powered by 2 x AAA batteries
    - Can be mounted on to most housing trays
    - Dimensions: 205mm (w) x 105mm (h) x 61mm (d)
    - Weight on land: 860g

    Included accessories: Vacuum pump, Spare O-ring, Lanyard, user manual, travel case

    NOTE: Weefine Smart Housing is sold in North America as Kraken Smart Housing. The products are identical and all the accessories will work. The app availability might vary. 

    Pls. selecet Standrard or Pro housing ( Pro housing comes with Dive+ app ! and deepth sensor )

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