Connecting cable between Turtle and Hugyfot PCB panel

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    • Connecting cable between Turtle and Hugyfot PCB panel
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    • 08.11.2021
  • If you would like to use a TURTLE trigger with an electric sync cord in a Hugyfot underwater housing, you can connect easily the Turtle to the Hugyfot electric PCB with this special cable.

    To ensure that the TURTLE trigger working flawlessly in your underwater housing please follow these steps:

    1. Always use the original TRT-Electronics cable for connecting!
    2. When you connect the cable to the Hugyfot PCB, pay attention to the cable direction: it should look up! 
    3. Please check if your bulkhead and wire are capable of working in TTL or only in MANUAL mode. In many cases, the bulkhead is built with only 2 wires, and in this case, the TTL functions are not available.  The TTL control needs at least 3 wires: TTL, QUENCH, GND.

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