WACP-1A NA-85202

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    • NA-85202 WACP-1A
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    • 14.04.2021
  • The WACP is a 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port. Unlike traditional ports or wet-mate corrective wide-angle optics, the WACP is a "dry" corrective optic that modifies a 28mm equivalent lens to an extremely sharp 130º. This version is specific for use with the versatile and fast Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art lens.

    Technical Specifications
    Depth Rating     100m
    Weight (in air)     4.7 kg
    Weight (in water)     0.37 kg (with lens)
    Body Construction     Hard-anodized Aluminum Alloy
    Lens Construction     6 Elements in 5 Groups
    Lens Coating     Anti-reflective on both sides
    Dimensions     194mm (DIA) x 241mm (L)

    Introducing 0.36x Wide Angle Conversion Port Set with Aluminum Float Collar for Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art Lens

    The WACP can focus from its front element to infinity in-water allowing for extremely close-focus wide angle shooting. When used with certain zoom lenses, the WACP can provide a variety of field-of-view options.
    Buoyancy Collar

    An aluminum float collar is standard and brings the in-water buoyancy 0.32kg negative.
    Compatible Lenses

    This version is specific to the lens listed below. For other lenses, supported by WACP version 85201 please refer to the corresponding PORT CHART.

        Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 Art Lens

    Included in the Box

        Hard Lens Cap and rear port cap (N120)
        Extension Ring 65mm with Lock
        N120 to N100 35mm port adaptor
        Carrying Bag
        Aluminium Float Collar (85221 with 65mm Extension), for 85202

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