Sony A-6400 - NA-17422

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    • NA-17422
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    • 30.08.2020
  • For Sony A6400 Camera

    Technical Specifications

    Dimensions 306mm (W) x 168mm (H) x 100mm (D)
    Weight (in air) 1.6kg
    Weight (in water) 0.33kg
    Depth Rating 100m
    Port Mount N85

    The NA-A6400 Underwater Housing

    Nauticam has created housings for the original A6000, the A6300, A6500 and now the A6400. Drawing on this deep connection to the A6000 family, the NA-A6400 implements the core features that have come to define Nauticam housings such as intelligent control placement, ease of setup and rugged build quality.

    Mission Control

    The NA-A6400 features integrated ergonomic handles with stainless steel stiffening brackets that provide a solid shooting platform and attachment point for lighting accessories. The handles can be adjusted outwards to accommodate larger hands or thick gloves. A large dual-stage trigger is easily reached from the right handle and provides accurate actuation of autofocus and shutter release.

    A thumb lever on the right side of the housing triggers the Magnify control key which can be used to control AF/MF-AEL. This control can be customized in-camera to lock or activate autofocus. This back-button autofocus control is a favorite of underwater users as it separates autofocus activation from the shutter release to prevent unwanted refocusing during sequential shots or during video shooting.

    A dedicated record button to trigger video recording is within easy reach of the right handle and colored red for easy identification. Switching between the high-resolution Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) and the LCD display is accomplished with a clearly marked lever to the right of the housing's viewfinder.

    The camera is securely mounted on a tray using a knurled thumb screw that attaches it to the tripod mounting hole on the camera. The LCD can be used in an angled configuration on the tray, making it easier to see underwater and reduce the effects of glare. The tray locks into place inside the housing, preventing it from falling out when the housing is opened and ensuring proper control alignment.

    Flash Trigger

    Flash triggering is handled via the A6400's pop-up on-board flash. A lever on the top of the NA-A6400 can be used to open or close the flash inside the housing, eliminating the need to remember engaging the flash before placing the camera in the housing. Sea&Sea-style fiber optic cable connectors are built-in to the forward facing edge of the housing above the port.

    More Power

    To facilitate longer usage, the NA-A6400 can be used with the optional 2500mAh battery pack (PN: 36332) that mounts securely below the camera inside the housing and connects to the camera via USB.

    HDMI Output

    The NA-A6400 can be used with external monitors such as the SmallHD 502B and the Nauticam NA-502B housing via the Nauticam HDMI 1.4 system.

    Premium Professional Optics and Accessories

    A camera system is just that, a system, which means that access to premium optics and accessories can limit the true functionality of even a top-level camera. Nauticam's line of water-contact optics provide true wide-angle and macro performance. The innovative bayonet mounting system or single and dual-flip adapters make installation simple. 45º and 180º magnifying viewfinders enhance the usabliity of the camera's electronic viewfinder.

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