Nauticam MWL-1 - NA-86201 - Macro to wide angle lens

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    • MWL-1 - NA-86201
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    • 24.10.2018
  • The Nauticam MWL-1 is a revolutionary concept!  It is a wet-mounted ultra wide lens (meaning it can be attached and removed underwater) designed to be used with a 60mm full frame equivalent macro lens that results in an ultra-wide 150º field of view. The MWL-1 can focus from the lens' front element to infinity.  Ultra wide angle and macro perspectives are now available on the same dive - even with full frame DSLR systems.

    Macro and Wide with one camera lens!

    For many photographers, especially those moving up to an SLR or mirrorless system, there is trepidation at being locked in to either macro or wide angle on a dive.  With compact systems that featured wide zoom range lenses that, when paired with corrective optics, could allow for wide angle or macro on the same dive.  When moving to an interchangeable lens and port system you would previously have been committed to either wide angle or macro for a given dive.

    Close Focus Wide Angle Impact

    With the introduction of the MWL-1, not only can you switch between wide angle and macro on the same dive you can also capture unique close focus wide angle images of macro subjects.  This technique works best when a macro subject can be placed very close to the lens where exaggerated perspective makes it pop out from an ordinary background.

    The MWL-1 excels at smaller apertures and full-frame shooters will get optimal results at F16 or higher.  

    Multiple Mounting Options

    With two mounting options, Nauticam's bayonet system or one of two available flip mounts, the MWL-1 can be quickly engaged or disengaged or even swapped for an CMC-1, going from wide angle to super macro in seconds.

    What's In The Box:

    • M67 to Bayonet Mount Converter (83213)
    • Neoprene Port Cover
    • Rear Lens Cap for WWL-1/MWL-1 (83221)
    • Bayonet Mounting Ring for MWL-1
    • Carrying Bag
    • Cleaning Cloth

    Recommended Mounting Accessories:

    • M67 Flip Holder for MWL-1 (86221)
    • Double Flip Holder for MWL-1 (86222)
    • M67 Bayonet Mount Converter (83213)

    Recommended Bayonet Lens Holders for Strobe Arms:

    • Bayonet Mount Lens Holder for Arms (83222)
    • Bayonet Mount Double Lens Holder for Arms (83223)
    • Single Bayonet Lens Holder for 70mm Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Float Arms (72231)
    • Double Bayonet Lens Holder for 70mm Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Float Arms (72232)
    • Single Bayonet Lens Holder for 90mm Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Float Arms (72241)
    • Double Bayonet Lens Holder for 90mm Nauticam Carbon Fiber Aluminum Float Arms (72242)
    • Bayonet Mount Lens Holder for Inon Float Arms (83227)

    Technical Specifications

     Weight (Air/Water) 1.20kg / 0.58kg
    Dimensions 108mm diameter x 120mm length
    Depth Rating 100m
    Mount Nauticam Bayonet or M67



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