Stix Float Kit

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    • 29.09.2017

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  • The StiX system utilizes a non compressible foam float to adjust the buoyancy of your camera system. By adding or removing different sized floats from the arms, a camera system can be dialed in with the exact buoyancy a shooter desires.

    4 pieces each package

    FUL-2 - 90 gr. buoyancy FUL-2 - 90 gr. Auftrieb - for ULCS, Ikelite, Nauticam + DD-Arm Gitter
    FUL-3 - 180 gr. buoyancy - for ULCS, Ikelite, Nauticam + DD-Arm Gitter
    FLA-3 - 180 gr. buoyancy - for TLC Arms

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