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    • 26.09.2017
  • Ikelite Blitz DS-161 with Ni-MH Battery

    Product-Number 4061

    This kit combines everything you need to add a strobe to any Ikelite compact or DSLR TTL system.

    The DS161 combines power with wide angle coverage to give you the most bang for your buck. The quality of light is exceptional due to a round flash tube and custom powder coated reflector designed specifically to deliver the softest, most even coverage possible.

    Instead of a simple focus light, the DS161 includes a super even, 500 lumen video light. The light is suitable for close-up, macro, portrait, and wide angle fill-in work or as a focus assist light. Output is adjustable in 10 brightness settings plus an SOS mode for emergency situations. Automatic shut-off when the flash fires ensures that the video light will have no undesired effects on still photos.

    State of the art Li-ion battery technology produces over 225 full power flashes at an unprecedented 1.3 second recycle time. Our proprietary quick-release toggle system attaches the battery pack with ease and confidence, making a flooded battery virtually impossible. The size of the DS161 is uniquely balanced to its weight to provide near neutral buoyancy in salt water.

    The Ikelite-style sync cord plug is the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. When combined with an Ikelite TTL housing, the DS161 automatically adjusts brightness to provide perfect exposure whether you're shooting macro, portrait or wide angle. Enjoy the power of superior accuracy, faster recycle time, and longer battery life when compared to similar fiber optic systems.

    More informations:

    Shooting Dual Strobes

    To shoot dual strobes, combine two kits with a compatible Dual TTL Sync Cord. Unlike the standard TTL Sync Cord, the Dual TTL Sync Cord is "Y" shaped with one straight cord to the housing and two longer, coiled cords for the attachment of two Ikelite strobes.

    You do not need to shoot two of the same strobes; strobes of different size and power can be combined. We recommend traveling with both single and dual sync cords for flexibility to shoot either one or two strobes as the situation demands.

    Ball Arm System

    Built of NiTuff anodized aluminum with 1 inch (2.5 cm) diameter ball components, the 1 in ball arm system represents the standard for the underwater lighting industry. This kit includes our most versatile strobe arm consisting of the strobe mount, three clamps, two 6 in (15 cm) extensions, and mount to Quick Release Handle. The extended, two segment arm is easily adjustable on-the-fly and perfectly suited to any shooting scenario from macro to super-wide angle.

    Ikelite 1 in ball components are compatible with most 1 in arm system components from TLC, Ultralight, Nauticam, and others.

    TTL Sync Cord
    Coiled sync cord with Ikelite-style plugs on both ends. Provides TTL operation with any compatible system featuring an Ikelite-style electrical bulkhead and DS strobe. The Ikelite-style plug is widely recognized as the most reliable waterproof strobe sync connection available. Built-in strain reliefs reduce stress on cord ends.
    What's included
    • DS161 strobe front
    • Rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack
    • Ni-MH smart charger
    • Diffuser
    • Alu arm system
    • Waterproof bulkhead cap
    • TTL sync cord
    • Silicone lubricant 1cc tube
    • 2 year manufacturer warranty
      • 300 ft (90 m) depth rating
      • TTL mode with compatible Ikelite TTL systems
      • Manual power modes in 10 1/2-stop increments
      • 500 lumen - 45° LED video light
      • Color temperature 4800K
      • Guide number 24 m at ISO 100
      • Coverage angle 90° without diffuser - 100° with diffuser
      • Over 225 flashes per charge
      • Recycles in 1.3 seconds or less
      • Ikelite ICS 5-pin bulkhead
      • Rechargeable Ni-Mh battery pack
      • Dimensions 3.75 x 7 in (96 x 179 mm)
      • Weight 2.5 lb (1.13 kg)
      • Near neutral buoyancy in salt water
    Spare Parts
    0132.36Battery pack o-ring
    4066.1 Smart charger
    9104.5Waterproof bulkhead cap
    0301Cord connector cap
    0184.2Silicone lubricant 2cc resealable tube

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