Mirrorless Cameras / MIL

Mirrorless Cameras / MIL

Nowadays, the best choice for UW photography are mirror reflex or mirrorless cameras. For this kind of camera there is a large number of lenses, which can be used for UW photography. Mirrorless cameras have the advantage of being smaller and lighter without sacrificing quality.

UW housings must have a high quality standard in order to withstand the higher loads underwater. Cheap products do not meet these requirements very often or not very long. For this reason, we have focused on products from well-known manufacturers which guarantee a very  high quality to us. Very important is also a simple and logical operation of the camera -  in 99% you do not have the chance to take a second picture of your favorite subject. Our new UW housings from Ikelite (made of high-quality and sturdy ABS-PC material), Hugyfot or Nauticam (made of high-quality aluminum) meet these high standards!

In addition to the included accessories such as silicone grease and O-Rings, we offer you wide range of equipment in our shop * www.digital-dive.de *.  You will find accessories such as handles, flat- or fisheyeports or flashes.

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