Underwater Photo with the Full-Moon

Underwater Photo with the Full-Moon

Compositing Underwater Photos with the Full Moon


Looking for something to pass your time in between dive trips? Try photo compositing. Stack several images together in Lightroom or Photoshop for some fun and creative effects!

Photos Copyright Steve Miller

The cover photo composite won in the UW Photography.com contest in the Creative/Manipulated category. The sharks are from Yap, the moon is from my backyard in Ohio, and the sky and stars came from a night shot at Wakatobi.


This frog shot won a Silver Medal. It was shot in my Backyard Underwater Photo Studio of course! The stars came from the Wakatobi sky, the moon from my telescope (a 2000mm equivalent lens).
Thanks to Bob Stubbs for letting me use his lightning shot for this composite. Bob Stubbs is one of our service managers here at Ikelite and is a legendary dive instructor around Indiana (and beyond).


The panel on UWPhotography.com loved this one of divers in the moonlight. I was a bit self conscious about it because it's silly, but it works visually. The divers were shot during the day. I was deciding where to drop down when I noticed the contrast of the divers against the white sand. I was working in Lightroom a year later and the image happened to be positioned adjacent to my moon shot. Since the background was black, they just settled into each other. A very easy merge because of the high contrast.


The model in this shot was from a fun dark waters shoot where I was the only photographer actually in the water with the models!