We Are Ikelite

Ikelite is a USA based manufacturer located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since 1962, we have dedicated ourselves to quality product and innovation in underwater photography and lighting. We pride ourselves in bringing you technologies that become indispensable. We started with the first underwater light to incorporate a sealed beam bulb. Since then we can also claim a few other "firsts":

  • Diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees
  • Digital dive log with automatic depth timer (patented)
  • Housing to use lid snap closures
  • Underwater digital exposure meter
  • Underwater dive light with locking switch
  • Strobes with aiming lights, audible ready signals, interchangeable cords, removable battery packs, smart charging, and battery power indicators
  • Wireless TTL slave sensor
  • TTL strobe communication with a digital camera
  • Underwater strobe with a built-in video light
  • Underwater strobe with a lithium-ion battery pack

But it's not just about product. We also look for new ways to inspire, teach, and help you grow as a photographer. We are renowned for our commitment to support of our customers whether it's helping to decide on the right equipment, servicing product, or giving photo advice.

How can we help you follow your vision?