TTL circuit - Turtle

TTL circuit - Turtle

The world's smallest TTL controller for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus cameras. 35 mm long, 25 mm wide and 14 mm high.

The TURTLE is juiced up to handle 2,000 images on a single charge. And it arrives bundled with a charger that allows a full recharge within 1 hour

Should you choose cable or synchronous optical LED connections – Turtle has the connector interface to handle both options. On the rear of Turtle is a connector interface for both cable and synchronous optical LED connections.

Full TTL mode compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2, YS250 INON Z220, Z240, Z330, Ikelite (full series) and S110Alpha. Optical sync compatible with: Sea&Sea D1, D2 and Z 240 ,Z330 S110 Alpha

It’s all up to you: switch between 1st or 2nd curtain mode for perfect rendering of motion. Also, sometimes you need flash power correction: not a problem, Turtle handles this as well…

With optical flash syncronization, you can take more pictures: no more overheating problem with the built in flash, no more single images – and it also saves battery life in the camera.

We offer also connection cable for Ikelite / Nauticam / Subal and Hugyfot PCB panel or bulkhead and also for housings with opt. plug-in