Ikelite UW-Gehäuse für Nikon D500 Infoseite

Ikelite UW-Gehäuse für Nikon D500 Infoseite
Die neuen Ikelite UW-Gehäuse für die Nikon D-500
3 Gehäusetypen / 2 Portsysteme

Nikon hat eine Kamera mit fantastischer Geschwindigkeit und Prozessorleistung in einem relativ kompaktem Body geschaffen. Einige der Highlights:

  • Gleiches 153-Punkt Autofokus System und EXPEED 5 Prozessor wie bei der Nikon D5
  • 4K/UHD Video Aufzeichnung
  • 20.9MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Excellente Perfomance bei wenig Licht  und einer ISO Bandbreite von 100-51.200
  • Der gleiche wettergeschütze Body wie bei der D-810
Ikelite bietet für diese aussergewöhnliche Kamera 3 verschiedene Gehäuse - die Gehäuse können nach eigenem Bedarf ausgebaut werden !

Form + Funktion

Die D500 wird mittels einer Grundplatte ins Gehäuse geschoben. Kontrolle besteht für alle wichtigen Kamerafunktionen. Ein universeller Fokus- und Zoomantrieb erlaubt die sichere Kontrolle mittels eines neuen Bedienknopfes.

The AF-ON Trick

Nutzen Sie den vollen Vorteil des Autofokus-System dieser Kamera. mittels des neuen AF-ON Lock Bedienknopfes.Dieses Bedienteil ander  der Gehäuseseite werden Sie niemals vermissen möchten - vergessen Sie die Fokussierung mittels des halb-gedrückten Auslösers.

Groovy Groove-less O-ring

O-Ring Nuten halten Schmutz und fett in ihren Nuten und verursachen oft ein Verdrehen und Verformen des O-Ringes. Unser einzigartiges nutenfreien System ist absolut nutzerfreundlich und die aktuell sicheres Art ein Gehäuses sicher zu verschließen. Zusätzlich verfärbt sich unser O-Ring beim Verschließen des Gehäuses in ein fettiges Schwarz und kann von aussen überprüft werden.

Very Flashy

Optical slaves have come a long way, but electrical sync cords are still the fastest and most precise way to trigger a strobe under water. Each housing comes equipped with a manual flash hot shoe and Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead. The hot shoe and bulkhead are user changeable for in-field modifications and serviceability.

An optional TTL hot shoe and Nikon TTL Converter provide industry leading accuracy in exposure when combined with a compatible Ikelite DS strobe.

The flash system is almost endlessly expandable with lots of options for remote units triggered by extension cords, optical slaves, Pocket Wizards, and more. It's time to get creative with your lighting and think way beyond the classic two-strobe set-up.

Lens Port Authority

And now... the main event. Introducing the NEW Dry Lock (DL) Port Mount. Building off of our popular port system for compact mirrorless cameras, we have re-designed and refined the concept and it's ready for the big leagues. Key features include:

  • A unique exterior o-ring which prevents water from dripping onto your camera when the port is removed;
  • Solid, sure-stop press fit with no threading, turning, or twisting of the ports or extensions;
  • Built for reliability in remote locations with standard locking thumbscrews and no complex moving parts;
  • Accommodates large diameter lenses with ease;
  • A new compact 8" dome port provides the optical quality of a large dome with the size of a much smaller dome—perfect for close-focus wide angle work;
  • Plus the new featherweight full 8" dome is less than half the weight of its predecessor and several pounds lighter than the glass alternatives with nearly identical optical quality!
Not quite ready to let go of your legacy ports? The Four Lock (FL) version can be sent in at a later date for upgrade to the DL mount. However, our original standard flat, 6" dome, and modular port components are not adaptable to the new system. We promise that once you switch over, you won't miss them anyway...
Our new white ABS-PC blend is specially formulated for added strength and durability. Compared to black, colored, or clear alternatives, the white shell keeps the camera running cooler, longer in hot, sunny climates.

Two Faced... and Two Backed?

The new 50ft (15m) Water Housing version features a slimmed down acrylic back and paired down control set which is over 1/2 pound lighter and streamlined for use at the surface of the water, in surf and pool work. The two backs are interchangeable and can be purchased separately so you can pack lighter when shooting the whale sharks in Isle Mujeres or dolphins in the Red Sea.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Three housing versions are available to suit the Nikon D500 DSLR camera. All versions feature:

  • Controls for Shutter-release button, Power switch, Movie-record button, Sub-command dial, Exposure compensation (+/-) button, ISO button, MODE button, WB button, Metering button, BKT button, Lens release button, AF-ON button, Main command dial, Multi selector, Info button, Live view selector, Lv button, i button, Playback button, Trash button, MENU button, Key/? button, Magnify + button, Magnify - button, OK button, Fn2 button
  • Ikelite ICS-5 bulkhead and manual flash hot shoe
  • Aluminum base with Left-Hand Quick Release Handle
  • A completely clear back for an unobstructed view of the camera and o-ring seal
  • Control symbols laser etched into the back for easy to read labeling that will never fade or rub off
  • A quick install camera mount plate which does not need to be removed for battery or memory card access
  • 1 year limited warranty


200ft Underwater Housing with Four Lock Port Mount
50ft Water Housing with Dry Lock Port Mount 200ft Water Housing with Dry Lock Port Mount
Model 6812.5 73005 71005
Purpose Support older lens ports for legacy users Lightweight for pool, surf and use near the surface of the water Fully functional and fully depth rated
Depth Rating 200ft / 60 mtr 200ft / 60mtr front
50ft / 15mtr back
200ft / 60 mtr
Port System Legacy Four Look ( FL ) NEW DRY Lock ( DL ) NEW DRY Lock ( DL )
Vacuum System Optional


Additional Controls
  • i button
  • Trash button
  • Key/? button
  • Magnify + button
  • Magnify - button
  • Fn2 button
  • i button
  • Trash button
  • Key/? button
  • Magnify + button
  • Magnify - button
  • Fn2 button
Spare 1/2-20 Threaded Ports Two One One
Viewfinder SuperEye Viewfinder
Optional Straight or 45° Magnified Viewfinder
Glass Viewfinder
Optional Straight or 45! Magnified Viewfinder
SuperEye Viewfinder
Optional Straight or 45° Magnified Viewerfinder
EUR $ 1.395,00 $ 1.395,00 $ 1.595,00
Availability Pre-order for Early September Pre-order für October Pre-order for October



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